How to choose the camlock coupling
1, fluid type, temperature (selected for the type of fluid, temperature of body material and seal material quick coupling) fluid for the body material, seal material is different.

2, the pressure of the liquid (selected for the pressure resistance of the fluid pressure quick connector) fluid pressure is also the selected key to the quick connector. Hydraulic quick connector 5.0Mpa (51kgf/cm ²)-68.6Mpa (700kgf/cm ²) to form a series between the corresponding pressure characteristics of the quick connector structure is also different.

3, the structure of the automatic switching valve (quick connector selected for the use of piping valve constructed) for the structure of the valve, two-way switch type, one-way switching and two-way open. In addition to the two switching in the separation fluid outflow from the piping.

4, the use of the environment of the camlock coupling (see the selected constructor for use of the environment, material quick coupling) combined with environmental humidity conditions, dust conditions, and prone to corrosion, the use of the environment, to consider the selected type of quick connector body material, sealing material.

5, the installation of the shape, size (in determining the final shape, size, order) Make sure the quick joint type and material, and specify the corresponding characteristics of piping assembly shape and size. Please note that the size and fluid flow-related.

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