The style of the camlock coupling connection
Quick coupling and mold water nozzles for the open:

1.Not connected----When the copper jacket of the female pushed to the other end, the ball automatically rolling out, so the male is removed; male and female are no valves, fluid trying to get out.

2.Connected----Quick coupling male into the female, the copper jacket is the action of the spring pushing to the previous position caused by ball bearing locking, fluid flow, the O-ring to prevent fluid flow out. 3.Mold water nozzle is open, quick connector closed quick connector and mold water nozzles closed:

1.Not connected----Withstand the female and male in the role of their own thimble and spring tube channel, the thimble of male and female closure, and instantly blocking the fluid flow.

2.Connected----When the male into the female, the thimble under the action of the spring back to its original position, the ball rolling locking male tight junctions, while the female and male thimble promote each other and open, fluid circulation, the O-ring fully blocking the leakage of the fluid.

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