How to choose the quick coupling?
Fluid type, temperature (selected suitable for the type of fluid, the temperature of the body material and seal material quick coupling), body fluid, suitable material, sealing material is different. For example, quick coupling is air. Recommended iron or steel, the water is selected brass or stainless steel.

The pressure of the liquid (selected for fluid pressure the pressure resistance of the quick connector), the fluid pressure is the key to selected quick connector.

The choice of quick coupling and fast Tap, if it is a good product, the copper plane is smooth, sand holes, bright color. Of course, there are also quality in general, depend on your needs. Most of the quick connectors and fast Tap to do with the copper, of course, stainless steel or carbon steel part is, it is primarily a hydraulic quick coupling. Quick coupling and fast Tap some iron to do, surface plating, but rusts easily, but the cost is relatively low, the best. Also useful for quick coupling and fast Tap made of stainless steel, but the cost is higher than copper, this is mainly because the production processes are complex and slow production. A quick coupler and fast faucets, fittings and faucets connection can not have debris, so as not to affect the life, one can always add some lubricant to facilitate connection. Our products scope Pneumatic, ventilation fans,Electrical and Hydraulic Tools, Oil and Grease Pumps, Deck Items, Hand Tools, Safety Equipments,camlock coupling, Hose & Couplings, etc.

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