Quick coupling is widely-used within pneumatic or hydraulic system
Quick coupling widely-used within a hydraulic or pneumatic system to quickly connect lines without losing fluid or fluid pressure. All quick couplings are made up of two mating halves: the plug (male) half as well as the coupler (female) half. Quick coupling can be utilized underneath a many types of pressure and temperature conditions. Quick-action couplings are brilliant for easily use in applications where fluid loss during connection or disconnection is undesirable. Typical applications include systems where tools or any other|or another appliances are routinely connected and disconnected to some central pressure supply. Common working fluids include air or pneumatic, hydraulic fluids, steam, water, oil, fuel, chemical, gas, or solid transfer.

Important parameters to take into consideration when you are evaluating quick coupling include bodily proportions or diameter, maximum working pressure, in addition to working temperature. Body sizes vary from 1/8 inches to 6 inches. Metric sizes might also be specified. The maximum working pressure could be the maximum fluid pressure the coupler can without danger accommodate. The working temperatures are the fluid temperature range the quick coupling can without danger accommodate. Common hose connections include male NPT, female NPT, male straight thread, female straight thread, male JIC, female JIC, male BSP, female BSP, hose barb, clamp, and compression fitting. There are several coupling mating geometries generally industrial and automotive use. In general, they just do not readily couple with each other, although different series within the interchange will mate with each other as well as some goods are made specifically to couple with several interchanges.