What are the advantages of hydraulic quick coupling?
Hydraulic quick coupling is a pipe which hydraulic system widely uses.It has a need for special tools to the rapid assembly and disassembly of the characteristics of the hydraulic circuit. Quick coupling with a sealing device to prevent leakage of liquid and air into the characteristics of the quick coupling applies to oil, water, air as the medium of occasions, the nominal pressure of 10kg/cm medium temperature of -20°C, has been widely used in agricultural machinery, mining machinery, engineering machinery, aviation machinery and other machinery. We produced hydraulic quick coupling type A, B-type,C-type,D-type,E-type,F-type, DC-type, DP-type, in which B, C, E, F can be equipped with flange.

Quick Coupling principle of selection:

1.An inner tube diameter selected two-way type (such as equipment within the tube is 3/4 "optional 1-1/2" -3 / 4 ")

2.According to the transmission fluid tube diameter menu

3.According to the specifications of the model parameters in the instructions to calculate the flow rate selection

4.Quick coupling were threaded connections and flanges connecting the two, such as the use of equipment is always rotated in one direction, you can choose the threaded connection or flange connection, the outer pipe thread at about rotation, select the method: Stand mounted in the direction of the quick connector see the rotation of the device, select the outer tube threaded to be device rotating in the opposite half layout flange about the rotation can. Flange connection is divided into two types: threaded flange (outer tube flange with internal thread) and half-ring flange, the half-ring flange adapted to the right and left direction of rotation of the device. Flange of the parameters are generally provided by the user, or endorse the production of GB.

5 Quick Coupling pipeline does not allow rigid connection must have a transition period of soft tube connections can choose my company produces stainless steel metal hose.

Users can provide the following parameters: tube diameter by the company to help the selection; device diameter, length and width; speed, pressure, temperature; connections with the device diameter; input leads to the tube diameter; flange size ; work media, etc.

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