Features of the camlock coupling
The camlock coupling features include switching functions: air pressure, hydraulic tools, cylinder, hydraulic cylinders, metal molds mechanical attachment. Maintenance function: computer cooling device, the die casting machine fuel tank maintenance. Test functions: vacuum, pressure, leak, running the test. Transportation functions: bolts, nuts and other solids conveying, handling, and the conductivity function. Fill function: an inert gas, nitrogen, LPG carbonate. Fixed, mobile operating connection and fluid transport connectivity: fishing rod, the Pocket CD for purposes other than camlock coupling province and effort: demolition through the quick connector off and connect the oil, the movements are simple, saving time and manpower. Fuel-efficient: the broken oil line quick coupling on the individual valve can be closed circuit, the oil does not outflow to avoid the loss of oil hydraulic. Environmental protection: the quick connector broken and connection, the oil will not spill leakage, protecting the environment. Economy: The above advantages for customers to create economic value.