Quick coupling shoud be maintenance
Quick coupling especially for welding equipment piping with excellent durability and corrosion resistance. All piping connections from cylinder to torch can be associated with welding equipment by one touch operation.

Quick coupling connection one-time quick coupling (tool thin film) and the expansion of the port thread connection and spring-self-styled type (reusable type).

(a) the common faults of quick coupling connector damage caused by the leakage due to deformation caused by the blockage.

(b) Quick coupling, such as failure, the need to replace the first emissions of refrigerant in the pipe, remove the quick coupling, and the rapid replacement of the quick coupling. Replacement. Should adopt the same models, specifications, quick coupling. Quick coupling the two parts of the main separation, remove the welded parts of the welding, and then remove the solder attached to the brass, the new joints to weld in the welding department, and then welding the two parts of the main body. Welded joints leak, such as leaks in the refrigerant pipe around the insulation material.

Note that the replacement Quick coupling should be cooling side welding without rendering connectors overheating.