Why do we need whipcheck cable?
Whipcheck safety cable plays a great important part in preventing hose accidents. The commonest cause of hose accidents is not bursting hose nor fractured fitting, but is accidental disconnection or an insecure fitting blowing or pulling out of the hose. When this occurs under pressure, the sudden release of energy causes hose to whip, and whipping hose can cause serious injury.

The reasons of accidental disconnection are various:
- Coupling screws may lose their holding power due to internal wear on the hose tubing
- Use of improper coupling screws may interfere with the proper fit between couplings and hose
- Hose outer diameter may be too small for the coupling
- The continual strain caused by pulling hoses around job sites can weaken the coupling’s grip on the hose
- Couplings can also have been damaged by vehicles or other equipment.