Safety precautions of camlock coupling
Camlock Coupling is one of the most excellent choices for connecting and disconnecting industrial hoses and pipe fittings.

For the safety of camlock coupling, some precautions should be noticed. Firstly, connect camlock coupling under the low pressure.

Secondly, match product to be conveyed with proper alloy couplings.

Thirdly, pressure test hose assembly, prior to application, to ensure tight and leak free assembly of hose, coupling &clamp.

Fourthly, fluidized dry products are more abrasive than liquids. In those applications, couplings should be frequently checked for excessive wear and replaced when necessary.

Fifthly, pressurized media creates hazardous conditions. Tie-off hose ends to guard against accidental separation of lines and to prevent whipping or bucking of the hose.

Last but not least, use camlock handle locking devices.