September 25, 1998
November 25, 1992


The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this commercial item description, for all federal agencies.

1.1 Abstract. This commerical item description (CID) covers 21 types of quick-disconnect, cam-locking, coupling halves and their fittings.

2.1 General. The couplings will conform to the following types, classes, and sizes.

2.1.1 Types. The following are types of quick-disconnect, cam-locking, coupling halves and adapters.

Type I Coupling half, Male by Internal Pipe Thread A-A-59326/1
Type II Coupling half, Male by Hose Shank A-A-59326/2
Type III Coupling half, Male by External Pipe Thread A-A-59326/3
Type IV Coupling half, Male by Flange (TTMA) A-A-59326/4
Type V Coupling half, Female by Internal Pipe Thread A-A-59326/5
Type VI Coupling half, Female by Hose Shank A-A-59326/6
Type VII Coupling half, Female by External Pipe Thread A-A-59326/7
Type VIII Coupling half, Female by Flange, (TTMA) A-A-59326/8
Type VIII A Coupling half, Female by Flange, Hexagon A-A-59326/9
Type IX Coupling half, Cap, Dust A-A-59326/10
Type X Coupling half, Plug, Dust A-A-59326/11
Type XI Reducer, Male by Female and Female by Male A-A-59326/12
Type XII Reducer, Male by External Pipe Thread A-A-59326/13
Type XIII Reducer, External Pipe Thread by Female A-A-59326/14
Type XV Adapter, 45°, Female Thread Swivel Collar by Male A-A-59326/15
Type XVI Coupling Half, Female by External Straight Threads A-A-59326/16
Type XVII Coupling Half, Male by Internal Straight Threads A-A-59326/17
Type XVIII Coupling Half, Female Reducer by Internal Pipe Thread A-A-59326/18
Type XIX Nipple Adapter, Male by External Grooved Pipe A-A-59326/19
Type XX Y Connection, Flanged A-A-59326/20
Type XXI Adapter, Male by Male A-A-59326/21

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2.1.2 Classes. Coupling halves and adapters will be of the following classes:
Class 1 - Aluminum Alloy
Class 2 - Copper Alloy (Brass or Bronze).
Class 3 - Aluminum Bronze
Class 4 - Stainless Steel

2.1.3 Sizes. The coupling halves and adapters will conform to the sizes specified in the applicable table, for the configuration shown on the accompanying figure.

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