Material:Steel platd
Size: 1/8" ,1/4"
Length: 20-1/4", 38"
Whipcheck safety cable, which is named: king safety cable, Hose safety whip check, air hose safety cable, whipcheck cable, has been used for a long period on all air hoses assemblies.

It is designed specially to prevent hose connections from whipping if the hoses or couplings failed to hold. The failure usually occurs with high pressure and will make hoses or equipments shake violently which may cause serious injury for people or the nearby coupling & equipments.

According to the different usages, whipcheck safety cable can be divided into two styles: hose to hose & hose to tool. The style of “hose to hose” is designed to attach between two air hoses. And “hose to tool” is to attach between air hoses and equipments (tools).

The components of a whipcheck safety cable are steel plated cable, plated spring and Aluminum ferrules. They are highly resistant to rust and corrosion with the max pressure of 200 psi for air.

Size of whipcheck safety cable:
1/8” (for 1/2” hoses to 1-1/4” hoses)
1/4” (for 1/2” hoses to 3” hoses)
Length of whipcheck safety cable:
20-1/4” & 38”. (The length can be adjusted according to specific requirements)
Special prices are available for large quantities.